Doing make up on your face can make you look fab from drab in no time. But if done wrong, then it can turn out to be a disaster for your look. Hence, getting g your makeup basics right is of utmost importance. So here are a few basic beauty tips that are sure to help you out.

Use a match or lighter to turn a pencil eye liner in a gel formula.

To see a better effect of any eye shadow, cover your eyelid with white liner.

For a perfect winged liner draw a cat-eye first and then fill in the open space. Also, use a spoon to create a perfect winged-eyeliner.

To make your own eye shadow use petroleum jelly and loose eye shadow pigments.

Use a concealer to cover your dark circles and wrinkles

Never skip applying a loose powder after applying a lipstick foundation

For a softer look, use a brown or grey eye liner

Never ever sleep with your make up on your face

Always apply eye shadow first, before putting on the foundation

Opt for a foundation colour that is closest to your skin tone

Don’t use three month old mascara

If you have a sensitive skin, always conduct a patch test on your wrist  or neck

Keep your make up tools in a hygienic condition

Apply lipstick using a lip brush to avoid it from getting spoilt

Dust your face with a finishing powder to set the look

Always apply sunscreen before stepping out of the house

For a oil free makeup look don’t over use the powder

To make your eyes look bigger, use a thickening and separating mascara

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