Travelling is fun, but without yummy food it just sounds a bit boring as you don’t know whether you will be able to savour on your favourite food while taking the road. So here we give you five best healthy food items you can carry while travelling.

Granola Bars:
You just can’t have a better healthy option than this. All nutrients rolled in a bar, granola bar contains oats, honey, nuts and rice and also provides the body with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. It can also provide you with much needed energy while travelling.

A healthy and crunchy Indian snack, Khakras are your go to snack and you can literally eat them at any point of time as they are healthy and taste delicious too. Made with wheat flour, Khakras are available in various flavours such as methi, jeera, pani puri, and pav bhaji. You can also eat khakras with dips and chutney.

Almond Butter:
If you are a healthy eater and don’t want to munch on junk food while travelling, then almond butter is the answer to your hunger pangs. High on vitamin E, potassium, iron, and manganese, almond butter is crunchy and tastes amazing. You can also enjoy it with a slice of bread or fruit of any choice.

Cheese cubes:
One of the best and healthy foods to carry while travelling, cheese cubes is a must have food item while travelling. Very handy and tasty, these cubes can be consumed with fruits, bread and waffles.

Multigrain biscuits:
The goodness of oats and multigrains, all rolled in a biscuit, this is a must have food item to carry while travelling. Digestive and multigrain biscuits Britannia and Sunfeast make for a healthy option and you can also carry chocolate cookies if you like them.

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