He may be great in bed and may come across as one of the hottest guys in your college or workplace, but is e really worth all your love, care and attention? Though, we all have our own list of preferences, but every girl should definitely look for the below five things that are a must have for a happy and successful relationship.

A sense of humour:
Now this doesn’t mean that he constantly needs to be hilarious and act like a  joker whenever you are with him. But he needs to be light hearted and should know to laugh at himself.

Its not that great things are achieved in life with someone else’s support. But always having someone behind your back increases your confidence and also makes you a better person. You should always be with someone who is equally supportive towards your dreams and aspirations.

Someone who treats all women with equal love:
He may be at his respective best whenever he is with you. But you really need to know is that how he treats another women.

With whom you share a great chemistry with:
You guys might be having superb chemistry in bed. But when it comes to small little things like going for a dinner or walking by the street, do you feel the same love for him? Does he too feel the same?

Someone who wants to achieve big things in life:
Always be with a guy who is excited to hit the new day and is always working hard to make it big in life.

With this you also need to understand that he needs to be trustworthy and understanding enough to take care of you and ensure a bright future for a happy relationship.

Image source: indianexpress.com