If you are having sex for the first time, then you definitely need to read the below article to know about it.

There’s more to a man than his penis:
Though his penis deserve all your attention, but having sex is just not all about it. Moving your hands around other parts of his body can turn him on too. Kiss, touch and caress his lips, neck, inner thighs and groin and see how excited he gets.

Your first time may not be perfect:
For the first time, sex with your partner would be awkward as you both need to get in proper sync to make out love. So if you don’t or have not had an awesome experience for the first time, then don’t judge him as nobody’s perfect. Give it some time and its sure to get better with time.

Take some time out for yourself before sex:
Remain stress-free before having sex as it could hamper your sex drive. So instead of going out, take some time off and take a hot shower to unwind yourself.

You will always want more:
Even if you shy away from saying that you don’t like sex, you definitely want more as you like it. So acknowledge that the feeling is normal and don’t get yourself thinking that it’s not a good thing to cling to.

Don’t worry about orgasms:
Thinking that you want orgasm and you won’t get one will make you feel more anxious and would hamper your sex drive. So instead, just focus and let him take the process ahead and you enjoy as it will come naturally to you.

You might experience pain after sex:
Having pain after sex is normal and if you are doing if for the first time, then don’t worry as it could be due to the dryness in the vagina. You can also use a good lubricant and if the pain persists then consult a gynecologist.

Image source: pinimg.com