You are what you eat. Though you might be using expensive products to make you skin look fresh and beautiful. But do you know that the foods that you consume can have drastic effect on your skin and can be one of the major causes for giving you a bad skin?

Here are 7 foods that can destroy your skin


You might be absolutely in love with Paneer, yogurt, milk and cheese, knowing how beneficial they are for your health. But do you know that they can destroy your skin? Yes, dairy products contain synthetic hormones and can cause leaky guy syndrome which can cause inflammation in the body and can lead to acne and other problems.


When you want to avoid animal products, soy is something that we can rely on. But the phytoestrogens content can cause hormone imbalance and if you are hormonally sensitive, it can cause breakouts.


Consuming more of gluten can cause inflammation in the gut and can disrupt the hormone levels. Gluten can also cause water retention and can cause accumulation of fat as it can stick in the veins and arteries.


Though coffee may help you get rid of your morning sickness, but the daily intake of it can affect your skin’s immune response. It can also strip your body of all the essential vitamins, magnesium and zinc. It can also lead to anti-aging problems and can make your skin look dry,

Fried potatoes:

You would sure love to gorge on yummy French fries. But do you know that consuming these fried potato chips can clog pores and give you acne? Yes, fried potatoes are rich in that can give you flashy skin.


Soda can sure help you boost your energy. But it can also boost your skin’s immunity for procuring bacterial infections, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Peanut butter:
Consuming peanut butter can clog your skin pores and cause acne.

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