“You are what you eat”, this famous quote perfectly defines the effect of your eating habits on your body.  And with this, your outer experience just doesn’t depend on the kind of face wash you use or the type of clothes you wear.  And as women, we all crave to have long lustrous hair as it’s certainly a game changer for our look.  Though from outside, your hair might look really nice to you, but what matters is its health that depends on how healthy you are from inside.  Strong and healthy growth of your hair completely depends on your diet as the nutrients consumed by the body fortify hair follicles.  Foodstuffs you consume can help in the growth of hair, prevent hair loss and dandruff too.  A healthy balanced diet consists of all the essential nutrients that are required for the complete strong and healthy growth of your hair.

Leave those expensive and shampoos aside and instead include these nine healthy foods that promote hair growth.

Whole grains: Whole grains like Bajra, oats, barley, ragi and others not only enhance hair growth but also the development of the body as they are a storehouse of zinc, iron and vitamin B which are good for hair follicles. They protect your hair and regulate the hormones which affect the growth and development of hair.

Sweet potatoes: Very few people know that potatoes contain anti-oxidant beta carotene which is converted into vitamin A in the body. And as vitamin A is essential for functioning of all the cells in the body including hair cells, sweet potato becomes a must have for hair growth.  This popular healthy food also helps in prevention of dandruff.

Greek Yogurt: Low on fat and high on vitamin, Greek Yogurt is one of the popular foods which ensure healthy hair development.  Rich in VitaminB5, Greek Yogurt promotes hair follicle health and also contains calcium and proteins.

Dark Chocolate: now this one is a must have for sheer chocolate lovers as dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants, iron and Vitamin B5 which boosts hair growth.  Also, read how dark chocolate is beneficial for your health in many other ways.

Fish: If you are a non-vegetarian eater, then fish is one food that can work wonders for your hair.  Fish is certainly one of the best foods to stop hair loss as it is rich in omega3,iron, zinc and vitamins.  Consuming salmon, oysters, mackerel and any other type of fish rejuvenate the scalp and make your hair thick and healthy.

Carrots and Tomatoes: These two veggies are a must include in your everyday diet as they contain anti-oxidants which boost hair growth.  Tomatoes prevent hair loss and hair damage, whereas carrots promotes healthy scalp and gives you thick long locks.

Brown Rice: Important for hair growth and preventing hair loss, brown rice is rich in zinc content which gives you healthy hair.

Eggs: Helping cells to carry oxygen to hair follicles, eggs are packed with vitamin B and biotin which promote hair growth and they also contain zinc, sulphur and iron which are essential for overall development of the body.

Fruits: As Vitamin C is essential to prevent hair breakage, it’s imperative to include fresh fruits in your diet.  For nourishment of your hair, you can consume fruits like kiwis, strawberries and oranges.

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