Orgasms are a pretty perk of the human body. Who doesn’t enjoy getting that blissful moment? However, here are a few facts that you need to know.

Orgasm helps in relieving pain:

Got a headache? Having pain the knees? Then orgasm can definitely help you get rid of all sorts of pain. This is because orgasm releases oxytocin, a chemical that helps to relax your mind and body.

Orgasm shuts down a part of your brain:

As per a research, during orgasm, a lot is going around in your body. That’s why when you reach the climax, the area behind your left eye, called the orbit frontal cortex actually shuts down. Due to this, you can’t focus on anything else when you reach your climax.

An average orgasm is 20-second long:

For a female, an orgasm can last for 20 seconds, while for a few it can last for 6-7 seconds.

Orgasms get better with age:

Believe it or not, but orgasms get better with age and it is found out that most women experience better orgasms in their 30s than the ones in their 20s.

Drinking and smoking habits can destroy your orgasm:

If you really want to enjoy yourself while having sex, then avoid drinking and smoking as it cannot give you the pleasure of having an orgasm. It is found out that 24%-40% of the women have lost their ability to reach the climax due to their habits of smoking and drinking.

Men love to watch women experience orgasm:

Watching you reach your climax gives men the ultimate happiness feeling as it makes them feel proud watching you crave for more.

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