Bringing together a mix of delicious delicacies, splashes of water and colour is Holi, one of the widely celebrated festivals in India. Aptly called the festival of colours, Holi lets you enjoy the child in you and spread colour and joy all around. But what always remains a challenging factor is that how will you take care of your skin? Yes, no matter how much and what you try taking care of your skin and getting rid of those colours is a must as they are harmful to skin, hair and body. So here are a few tips you should follow to protect your skin and hair from those toxic colours.

Protect your hair during Holi and apply Oil with warm coconut oil, castor or olive oil 20-25minutes before you step out to play.

Don’t forget to oil the areas behind the ears, between the finger tips and nails.

To protect yourself from sun tan apply sunscreen and moisturize all around your body. Prefer the moisturizer that comes with sunscreen.

Wear comfortable dark coloured clothes. Also make sure that you wear full sleeve clothes to protect your skin from sun damage and colours. Synthetic clothes tend to be stickier and denims once splashed with water are too heavy to wear on. In short, the more you cover your skin the less chances of it being affected by Holi colours.

To make sure your nails stay colourless and safe, use a nail-paint or at least a protective coat. Also, to keep your lips safe, apply a lip balm.

Avoid wearing lenses and glasses as it may hurt you when people splash colour on your face.

Don’t get any skin treatment done 4-5 days before Holi as the colours might affect your skin.

If while playing Holi, the colour causes irritation then keep aloe vera gel bottle or rose water handy. Use raw milk with Besan to get rid of the colours or use glycerin or aloe Vera based soaps, but strictly avoid using detergent soaps and also do not scrub your face to get rid of the colours.

So follow the above tips to have a happy and safe Holi!

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