A lot of people are aware about the health benefits of yogurt. But for the ones who don’t know about the health benefits of this milk product, here is a list of benefits that this product assures you.

 Yogurt is good for lactose intolerant:

If you are lactose intolerant and think that yogurt too can give you indigestion issues, then you should understand that yogurt is easier to digest then milk. The lactose content in yogurt can be absorbed better because of the live cultures and it doesn’t give you digestion issues.

Yogurt aids digestion:

If you are facing indigestion issues or gastric or acidity problems since a long time now, then consuming yogurt as a dessert can be extremely beneficial for your stomach as it aids digestion. You can consume yogurt with fruits or can have it plain too.

Yogurt helps in weight loss:

The good bacteria in yogurt help in accelerating digestion which means that your metabolism increases which can help you lose weight faster.

Yogurt helps you in becoming stronger:

There are some people who feel naturally sick all the time and if even you are one of them then including yogurt in your diet can be extremely beneficial for you. Studies have shown that people who consume diet are essentially stronger and are less likely to fall sick.

Reduces lowers cholesterol and reduces high blood pressure:

The potassium content in yogurt helps in flushing out the excess of sodium stored in the body which indirectly helps in reducing high blood pressure. Yogurt is also said to be effective in treating bad cholesterol as the bacterial content in it is beneficial for health and is said to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 6-10 percent.

Yogurt is good for teeth:

Now this might come as a surprise, but yogurt is extremely good for the teeth and helps in maintaining a good oral health. The lactic acid in yogurt helps in protecting the cavities and gums and is overall effective for the mouth.

Image source: authoritynutrition.com