Ageing is a fact of life but looking your age is not

No matter how well cared our skin is, the subtle natural changes of intrinsic ageing cannot be stopped. Loss of firmness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, begin in your 50’s. Ageing is inevitable but that does not mean you cannot help your skin. These basic tips will help in your turnover to reveal newer skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Invigorate skin around your eyes- The eye area is also surrounded by several muscles that contract with facial expressions. With ageing, however, the thick collagen network that gives skin the structural support it needs begins to lose its integrity for a number of reasons. As a result, facial contractions in mature skin can leave a lasting impression due to a compromised collagen network. Applying an eye cream with SPF is your best investment. Most eye creams have heavier consistencies than face creams because they are formulated specifically to surge this dry area with moisture. They will also be more likely to stay put as they are created with the idea that this area undergoes a good deal of stress, like blinking or squinting, and that your eyes may tear from time to time. Coconut oil- A single application of pure coconut oil a day is sufficient to keep the skin soft, supple, and radiant. Apply it and massage gently for 30 minutes before your bath daily to...

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Beautiful skin requires commitments not a miracle

Isn’t it embarrassing to wear short dresses, shorts, or anything that shows off your knees when you are having dark knee caps and elbows which makes you conscious and sparkle within you the feeling of uncertainty regarding your appearance? Every problem comes with the solution and here are these natural remedies which will help you regain that confidence in you to be bold and set free.   Fruits- Fruits like lemon, tomato and grapes are known for their bleaching property and help to get rid of black skin when used regularly. For glowing joints apply the juice of any of these fruits regularly to the skin. The citric acid present in these fruits helps to have a perfect look. Sugar and olive oil paste – This is the best remedy, easy to prepare and quick results. Sugar works as exfoliate whereas olive oil proves to be a good moisturizer for the skin. To make the paste mix both the stuff in equal quantities and apply the mixture on elbows and knees, rub  it for five minutes then wash with mild soap and water.         3. Aloe Vera gel- We all know that when it comes to take care of your skin aloe Vera is the most important ingredient in every pack or remedy. It has an intrinsic quality of making skin softer and brighter. It improves...

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How to Shave Your Full Body Hair the Right Way

  Regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder that wants to enhance the appearance of muscles or just a person that hates having a furry body, there is a likely chance that you have dabbled in the removal of your body hair at some point of your life. Regular hair removal is now quite common among men; these men claim that it makes them feel cleaner, more muscular and sexier than when they have hairy bodies. However, there is a group of men that are of a different opinion; this group believes shaving your entire body is quite outdated....

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Best Hair Oils in India for Promoting Hair Growth

Who doesn’t love soft, long, lustrous locks? But harmful UV rays, your lifestyle and bad hair habits can certainly take a toll on your health and can promote hair fall. And as hair oiling is an absolute must, here we list down 7 best hair oil brands in India. Khadi Tulsi Hair Oil: Being a mix of herbal and ayurvedic oil, this oil stimulates hair growth as it contains vitamins, minerals, vitamins, vitamin E, A and D. he goodness of amla, tulsi, neem and shikakai help in eliminating dandruff and also prevent infections. The oil keeps the hair healthy...

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8 Foods That are Destroying Your Skin

You are what you eat. Though you might be using expensive products to make you skin look fresh and beautiful. But do you know that the foods that you consume can have drastic effect on your skin and can be one of the major causes for giving you a bad skin? Here are 7 foods that can destroy your skin Dairy: You might be absolutely in love with Paneer, yogurt, milk and cheese, knowing how beneficial they are for your health. But do you know that they can destroy your skin? Yes, dairy products contain synthetic hormones and can...

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