Things Every Girl Should Know Before Opting For Facial Wax

Let’s face it girls, waxing is one of the most painful process that we need to go through. Who loves having body hair? For this, we do take salon visits for getting our body waxed, but what about the facial hair? Though few people are naturally blessed with less facial hair, there are ladies who have excess facial hair problem which acts like a factor of embarrassment. Facial hair on cheeks, side locks or upper lips is easy to get rid off all due to the process of waxing which can be even done on the face. But as...

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Bollywood Actresses Who Showed Us The Right Way To Make Sneakers Look So Fashionable

Sneakers are in trend and we all love to keep mélange it with our dressing style. And what better than wearing a pair of shorts, cool top and sneakers would make us feel comfortable? But our Bollywood actresses also show us how you can add a touch of class with sneakers to your party dress as well. Anushka Sharma rocks the monochrome look with a pair of white sneakers. Kangana Rananut sure knows how to pair sneakers in the most coolest way with a short dress.   Deepika Padukone looks amazingly comfortable in this denim dress and white sneakers....

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Five Super-Foods That Help You Gain Weight

Not everyone wants to lose weight as there are people who are have high metabolism but look lanky and are even underweight considering their age.  Since this is disheartening and as also eating well is the only way by which you can stay healthy, here is a list of five foods that are a must include in your diet to gain weight. Peanut butter: Loaded with proteins and omega-3 fats, Peanut Butter is one of the most delicious and healthy ways to gain weight. You can spread it on a bread, fruits or vegetables and can also mix it...

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Must Read Tips for People With Oily Skin

Managing a dry skin might be a nightmare, but ask people with oily skin who are constantly worried about the dirt and the acne development on the skin, then for sure you aren’t getting a positive reply from them too.  With the fast paced lifestyle we tend to live in and considering the time we spend on ourselves, it’s very to take care of the skin as irregular beauty regime might take a toll on the health of your skin and make you look dull. And specially when it’s an oily skin, then it’s essential for you to follow...

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Types of Footwear Every Woman Should Own

Hey, you pretty ladies out there! Do you know what is the first thing noticed in a person? Their shoes. For a first good impression or for all good impressions, you need to have a perfect pair of totally fascinating and drool worthy shoes. Shoes that will not only catch the observer’s attention but also burns the heart out of your nemesis. You need not have all the types of shoes ever made on the face of earth, sweetheart but pair of these seven types of shoes are enough and essential for your closet – Classic Pumps Heels: The evergreen...

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