5 Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Naturally

Acne is most common skin problem amongst young girls today. Usually acne is caused due to dead skin cells, accumulation of dirt, clogged pores and trapped oil beneath the layers of the skin. Over production of sebum, skin’s natural oil can be triggered by hormonal imbalances, poor diet, poor hygiene and other factors. But the prospect of having a blemish-free skin gives the idea of chemical treatments, creams and lotions that promise to give clear and soft skin in just a span of days or months. But knowing the effect that these chemically loaded products and treatments that can...

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Here’s Why You Should Include Rosewater in Your Daily Beauty Regime

One of the traditional ways of having a healthy and beautiful skin is using rosewater and also, you would have often heard your granny saying how they ditched those creams and lotions and opted for rosewater which is became an essential part of their beauty regime. But even now after generations, rosewater is still considered as one of the best products to enhance the beauty of women all over the world. Beneficial for your skin in many ways, let’s look how rosewater helps you keep your skin healthy and glowing. Rosewater helps you get a smooth skin by hydrating,...

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Here’s How You Can Make Waxing Last Longer

Coming out of the salon with fully waxed legs or hands is the best feeling ever, but with the consistent hair growth that takes place, you don’t really get to enjoy that fresh feeling forever. Also, who loves to see hair coming back from its roots, reminding you that it’s time you visit the salon now.  Also, adding to the agony of going to the salon is the reminder of the painful ordeal that we face.  However, with the easy hacks given below, you can make your waxing last longer. So now delay your next salon appointment with the...

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9 Foods to Get Healthier and Thicker hair

“You are what you eat”, this famous quote perfectly defines the effect of your eating habits on your body.  And with this, your outer experience just doesn’t depend on the kind of face wash you use or the type of clothes you wear.  And as women, we all crave to have long lustrous hair as it’s certainly a game changer for our look.  Though from outside, your hair might look really nice to you, but what matters is its health that depends on how healthy you are from inside.  Strong and healthy growth of your hair completely depends on...

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