Isn’t it embarrassing to wear short dresses, shorts, or anything that shows off your knees when you are having dark knee caps and elbows which makes you conscious and sparkle within you the feeling of uncertainty regarding your appearance? Every problem comes with the solution and here are these natural remedies which will help you regain that confidence in you to be bold and set free.

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  1. Fruits-

Fruits like lemon, tomato and grapes are known for their bleaching property and help to get rid of black skin when used regularly. For glowing joints apply the juice of any of these fruits regularly to the skin. The citric acid present in these fruits helps to have a perfect look.

  1. Sugar and olive oil paste –

This is the best remedy, easy to prepare and quick results. Sugar works as exfoliate whereas olive oil proves to be a good moisturizer for the skin. To make the paste mix both the stuff in equal quantities and apply the mixture on elbows and knees, rub  it for five minutes then wash with mild soap and water.

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      3. Aloe Vera gel-

We all know that when it comes to take care of your skin aloe Vera is the most important ingredient in every pack or remedy. It has an intrinsic quality of making skin softer and brighter. It improves the skin tone and gives protection against harmful UV rays.

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       4. Yogurt and vinegar-
Yogurt is full of nutrients which provides nourishment to the skin. It is a cleansing agent removing the dead cells and dirt from the pores. Vinegar on the other hand helps in depigmentation of the skin. Apply this paste on the skin and leave for 15 mins then rinse with water.

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        5. Potatoes-

Potatoes possess mild bleaching properties that lighten the dark spots over the joints. It nourishes and brighten the dark skin. Cut it into slices n rub these slices over the elbow and knees for few minutes repeat this activity twice for better results.