Your teenage phase is the time when you should try experimenting with your looks and style. And with 2017 being a year of fashion and beauty trends, here we list down a few beauty makeovers that you definitely need to try.

Chop those long locks: If you have long hair, then try chopping it off at least once to witness a drastic change like never before. Try out a pixie cut or a bob and you are sure to surprise yourself. Also, a short hair requires very little or no attention at all.

Flaunt bold brows: Bold brows are a thing now and it can amazingly change your whole look and make you look good.

Try different colours of eyeliner: Ditch that typical black eyeliner and instead try wearing contasrting colours like brown, white, blue or green.

Different manicure patterns: Have long nails? Then beautify them with various nail art designs and 3D embellishments. Also, if you don’t have long nails, then try acrylic nail extensions.

Opt for metallic nail colours: If you don’t want to try manicure nail art, then metallic colour nail paints are what you should try for.

Experiment with hair colour: Bored of flaunting the same old hair colour? Instead opt for a makeover by experimenting with your hair colour. Flaunt colours like red, green, blue or even the rainbow shade.

Don’t blow dry: Have wet tresses? Then don’t worry as you should try to be different and not opt for a blow dry. Instead just brush those tresses and set them to get a sleak and elegant look.

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