Whether you are dressing up for a small or big occasion, makeup is incomplete without putting eyeliner. Putting eyeliner makes your eyes look beautiful by giving them depth. However, if you keep on applying your eyeliner in the same style then it might make your look boring. You will be surprised to know that there are different types of eyeliner looks which you can try. So here we have compiled different types of eyeliner styles for you.

Types of eyeliner looks:

1. Upturned wing


Image Source ; https://img-static.popxo.com/tr:w-600,rt-auto,c-at_max/2016/01/double-wings-below-intro-.png


Aren’t you comfortable with your subtle and minimal cat eye and put the same eyeliner always? Look at this liner which has been put on with such grace. This perfect upturned wing will require some time to make you a master of applying it. This liner will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can apply a thin line of liner if you want to make it look classy and graceful.

   2. Add glitter fallout

Image Source : https://img-static.popxo.com/tr:w-600,rt-auto,c-at_max/2017/01/1-eyeliner-styles.jpg

If you are looking for an eyeliner style for your next party look then you should definitely try this eyeliner. Adding some glitter around your eyes will make your eyes look attractive. The sparkle eyeliner will give the perfect look for party. You can also apply a bold shade of lipstick to complement this eyeliner. Apply the glitter eyeliner to the corner of your eyes but make it fade when you extend it outwards. This can be the best eyeliner style which you will choose for your party look.

3. Bottom eyeliner

Image Source: https://scstylecaster.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/model-bottom-eyeliner.jpg

You must have seen this eyeliner style where you apply eyeliner to the bottom too. Look at the picture closely. You will notice a gap between the corner of the eye and the place till where the eyeliner is extended. This gap looks fabulous when you maintain it equally and decently. This gives a depth effect to your eyes. You can also try applying liner to only your bottom lashes. This way you can widen and add depth to your eyes. Make sure not to go too heavy on the black liner because this can make your eyes look droopy and aged. Instead of black liner test other shades like navy blue, eggplant, or brown.

4. Heavy bottom style eyeliner

Image Source: https://img-static.popxo.com/tr:w-600,rt-auto/2016/04/fb_eyeliner.png

This eyeliner style will make your eyes look bigger and bolder.  This eyeliner works in the best way possible to accentuate and highlight your eyes. Apply a creamy kajal to your waterline and then start smudging the applied line of the liner softly with a smudge brush or a pencil shaped brush. You can also smudge by using a matching eyeshadow to increase the longevity of the kajal.

5. Dramatic Liner

This dramatic liner look is the favourite of many girls. It is an eyeliner style that can be applied for a bold look for parties. It appears somewhat similar to cat eye look but this one is more apt for parties as it has a much more intense look.

Image Source : https://img-static.popxo.com/tr:w-600,rt-auto,c-at_max/2017/01/9-eyeliner-styles.jpg

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