If you are always on the go and have not time for make-up, then here are a few beauty hacks for you. These beauty hacks for busy girl will instant help you look your best even while you are super busy as all you need to do is spare a minute or two.

Dry your nail polish quickly:

If you are too irritated to wait for the nail polish to dry, then dip your fingers into a bowl of cold water to speed up the process.

Use baby powder for thicker eye lashes:

If you want to get an intense look, then apply baby powder on the coats of mascara. Dip the powder on the eye lashes to get a fuller look.

How to stop bobby pins from slipping down:

Do you use bobby pins to keep your hair in place? If yes, are they slipping down too much? If yes, then here’s how you can stop them. Just take a tissue and place the pins in it and then spray them using a hair spray to prevent them from sliding off.

Turn eye pencil into a liner:

Gel liners are in trend and can instantly light up your face with its intense look.

Use dry shampoo:

Washing hair everyday can strip off all the oils from the hair and can give you dull dry hair. So use a dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo naturally gives you fresh amazing hair and also protects the hair from damage.

Use baby wipes to remove make up:

Too tired to remove the make up? Don’t worry here’s an easy solution for you. Use baby wipes to clean up the face and remove the make up easily.

Use an ice cube:

The long working hours can simply put off your mood for going out. It can also make you look tired. So an easy way to get out of this situation is by rubbing an ice cube on the face. Yes doing this increases your blood circulation and easily reduces the under eye puffiness.

Image source: amazonaws.com, cherwell.org