Can’t afford those expensive hair treatments, shampoos and conditioners? Then here we have got an easy way out. Try using these amazing home remedies for hairfall.

Hot oil massage:
Massage your scalp using some hot oil so that it increases the blood circulation and strengthens your hair from root to tip.

Onion juice:
One of the best remedies to treat hair fall is by applying onion juice on the scalp. The juice with its high sulphur content and anti-bacterial properties kill the germs and reduce the chances of any infection.

Include beetroot in your diet as it can be extremely beneficial for your hair as it can provide the body with abundant nutrients.

Green tea:
This tea enhances your metabolism which leads to a good hair growth. It revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates hair production. You can also condition your hair with green tea solution.

Indian gooseberry, amla is a storehouse of vitamin C that helps in the growth and strengthening of the hair. It also helps in building collagen that is vital for hair growth.

Greek yogurt:
Greek yogurt acts as a natural conditioner for your hair as it contains vitamin B5 that is essential for hair growth.

Fenugreek seeds:
Fenugreek seeds enhance hair growth and give you smooth, shiny and long hair. They also help in rebuilding hair follicles.

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