Love wearing scarf, but bored of the same style used carrying it? Then here’s how you can do it the right way.

Standard Loop:
This is one of the easiest ways to tie a scarf.
All you need to do is this:
Fold your scarf in half, wrap it around your neck creating a loop on the closed end. Then pull the other side of the scarf through the loop and then fluff the material around your neck.

The one knot tie:
A super simple way that just involves three easy steps:
Wrap your scarf around your neck, tie a knot on one side of your scarf, at about the halfway point and then pull unknotted side of your scarf through the knot.

Uptown wrap:
Take the scarf and wrap it around your back and shoulder, just make sure to make one side longer than the other. Get the longer side over to the shoulder of the shorter side and then overlap the two sides of the scarf and finally secure with a pin.

Handkerchief style:
If you have a long blanket scarf, then fold the scarf into a big triangle. Hold out the two ends of the triangle you made and wrap them around your neck bringing them to the opposite side. Pull the two ends to adjust the length and drape of the mid-section of the scarf.

The Bib:
Fold a square scarf into a triangle and then wrap one end around the back of your neck and other end around the back of your neck.