The summers are back and how! With the sun shining out brightly our body too tends to shine all thanks to the sweaty feather and fierce heat. But as days pass on it gets worse and starts taking a toll on our health, leaving us figure out ways to stay cool in this hot season.

But apart from your eating and drinking habits, one thing that you need to take utmost care of during the summers is the type of clothing that you flaunt. So here we bring you five best fabrics that are sure to ensure that you stay cool and fresh this summer

Definitely cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics that will help you stay cool this summer. Lightweight and soft, cotton absorbs the moisture and protects you from unbearable heat. Durable and easy to clean, women can flaunt cotton shirts, leggings, tops and salwar suits during summer.

Acting as an air conditioner for your body, linen absorbs the sweat and lets you stay calm and fresh. Though the fabric wrinkles easily, this one is an absolute stunner during the summers. You can flaunt linen palazzo pants, maxi shirts or tunics.

Easy to maintain and elegant to flaunt, khadi cloth has become a rage globally all thanks to its fine charm and soothing effect. Women can opt for khadi kurti, saree or palazzo pants.

This fabric is sure to make you feel amazingly cool during the summers. Absorbing moisture and sweat quickly, Rayon is made out using wood pulp, cellulose, cotton and other natural synthetic. The fabric doesn’t stick to your body and you can a rayon shirt for a boho chic look.

Looking like a denim, Chambray is a a cloth with a white weft and a coloured warp.One of the best lightweight, breathable and long lasting fabric, you can flaunt a chambray skirt, denim and even a dress.

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