Heena is largely associated with dark-red/ brown dye, but very few know that the name also applies to the flowering plan from which the dye is derived. Across the globe, the word Heena is also known as Egyptian Pivet and Hina.

Though Heena for hair is largely used, but do you know that Heena can also be used in many other forms including in the dye type. Do you know it can be highly beneficial for your health? Do you know about its benefits for skin, nail and hair? If not, then read on to know about a few impressive benefits of heena.

In Ayurvedic practice, Heena is highly used in the form of medication and oil. Heena oil, bark and seeds have amazing medical benefits which and the product is comprehended in many ways.

Wound recovery:
Heena helps in protecting your skin against various infections and also helps you get rid of skin inflammation. It can be used to apply on burns and injuries as it acts as a protective layer on the skin. It has cooling properties that naturally suck the heat from the skin. Heena can also be used to treat sunburns.

Reduces fever:
According to ayurvedic practices, Heena can help in lowering down the body temperature by inducing sweating and reducing the fever to normal body temperature.

If you are suffering from headache, then applying Heena oil can be beneficial as its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the tension and promote healthy blood flow in the capillaries. Also, if you are suffering from insomnia, then applying heena oil on the scalp can work wonders as it soothes your mind, body and soul, thereby giving you a good sleep.

If you want to have healthy nails, then drinking water soaked in Heena leaves can be beneficial as it can prevent breakage and also help you treat the bacteria’s present under your nails. Also, applying heena poultice can reduce irritation and cure the nail infection.

Hair health: 
For years now, Heena has been the safest hair colour option as a natural dye for women all over the world. But apart from colouring your hair, applying Heena on hair can also be beneficial as it helps in preventing hair breakage and also increases the shine and appearance of the hair.

Image source: sahajalife.com