Men are not really good at expressing their feelings and specially when they are in love it’s hard to say if they are doing things for you out of generosity or because they truly love you.  And it further gets complicated when they can’t really communicate their feelings towards you in a simple way. So to help you ladies understand that your guy is falling in love with you, here we present you a list of five signs that will help you get out of confusion.

He calls you every day: No matter where you are and even though you guys are in touch through messages, he makes sure to call you each and every day. And this is one of the major signs to understand that he is actually falling for you, or else why would they miss out on their games or TV shows and actually make an effort to call you.

His buddies complain about the time he has started spending with you: While you are out for a party with him, you will hear his buddies complaining about how he doesn’t make out time for them and how he has stopped going out with them just to spend his time with you. And also, you have become a major part of his hangout with his friends as he likes you to meet them every time he goes out with them.

He asks you for style advice: If he is out for shopping or if he wants to get a particular haircut, you are the first person whom he will connect with to get his style right. So questions with clothing options like  “Do these pants look good with these shoes?” or “What should I wear at my friend’s party”? all these have become common for you.

He puts his phone away when he is with you: You will start noticing that he doesn’t receive calls or respond to messages whenever he is with you and this is only because he has eyes and time only for you. So you are his only priority and he understands the importance of spending time with you.

He is protective about you: Lastly, he gets protective about you. He will always watch over you and won’t shy away from holding your hand if you are out with him in a crowded place and will always make sure you reach home on time.

So girls, understand these signs and openly pop the question if he is shying away to do so. Also, if you know any other signs then share it in the comments below.

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