Having a boyfriend does make you feel good, but having a guy best friend does feel awesome as you can literally be yourself with you. There’s an undeniable awesomeness that a girl feels when she is with her guy best friend.

Here are five reasons why you should have a guy best friend

He can make you laugh no matter in what situation you are in:

No matter how bad, irritated, bored or depressed you are, your best friend is always going to be that person who will take care of you no matter in what situation you are in.

You have a partner for everything at every place:

Now you don’t have to wait for your boyfriend to take you for movies or dinners as you have a ready partner i.e. your best friend who will come along with you anytime, anywhere!

You have to deal with less drama:

Compared to your girlfriends, spending time with your guy best friend means dealing with less drama and not tantrums at all. He just lets you be you and you can always have meaningful and conversational discussions with him.

He’ll honestly tell you what the dress looks like on you:

No matter how much your boyfriend loves you in that particular dress and tells you how beautiful you look in it. But you will always get a reality check from your best friend who will happily share your views on it.

You don’t need to engage in formal conversations:

Hey, how are you?

What’s up?

With your guy best friend you really don’t have to be so formal as your conversation with him will never seem to end and you’re texting with him will always be like, “We are going for a movie today, be ready.” “Be ready, I am coming to pick you up now, we are going for a long drive”

Lastly, he will always be there by your side and will protect you in any situation:

Your boyfriends will come and go, buy your guy best friend will be with you forever, no matter what. He will always be your constant and will protect you from any and every situation.

Image source: dnaindia.com