Love is quite a funny emotion; today you and your boyfriend are head over heels in love with each other and tomorrow you guys don’t even want to look at each other’s face. And in love, many people don’t even know when and how were they cheated while they were still in a loveable relationship. And specially girls, even who are smart enough to judge people would not be able to believe that their partner was cheating on them. So to help you girls understand, here are a few signs to understand that probably your guy is cheating on you.

He is secretive about his phone and tab:
If he no longer lets you glance at his phone or tab and he has suddenly changed the password of the same, then there is certainly something fishy about it. Also, if he is super protective about his phone i.e he constantly deletes all the messages and his phone is more busy than usual, then you sure have a reason to worry.

He has weird mood swings:
At times, he is super sweet to you and would buy you gifts and talk to your for long hours. And then again at times, he might behave weird and shout at your for the smallest things. And all of this might be due to the new girl and probably his guilt.

His sexual behavior has changed:
Though you guys still might be having sex, but his behavior on bed says it all. He doesn’t cuddle you like before and having sex doesn’t even make him feel happy anymore.

He picks up fight over small issues:
Nowadays, all he is doing is constantly fighting with you over small issues and suddenly becomes jealous and defensive. He picks fight with you over trivial things and gets upset when you raise questions and has started accusing you of cheating him.

He isn’t around as often:
There were days when he would love being around you and would travel long distance just to see you. But now, all of that doesn’t happen and you have started missing his presence around you. And if you ask him why, then he is constantly coming up with lame excuses.

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