In a relationship and think that things aren’t going right? If yes, then here are a few things that are signs of your relationship getting serious. Also, here are five questions you should ask yourself before getting into a new relationship.

You both have bid goodbye to dating apps:

Sure before meeting each other or before getting serious with each other, you guys were very much active on dating sites. However, ever since there has been a strong connection between you both, dating apps lay an unforgotten part of your phone. Since now that you both are sure, you have found that love in each other, you guys have bid a goodbye to these apps.

You both are always on the recent conversation list on each other’s phone:

No matter how apart you guys are, you always want to be close and share all your deep dark secrets even when you are at your respective homes. You guys are always texting each other about how you are feeling and can have endless conversations regarding things to share.

You guys have met each other’s family and friends:

Yes, now your relationships isn’t about you guys. You have already introduced your better half in your family and friend circle and can’t just get enough of flaunting your newly found love. Now mostly, you guys are a part of each other family picnics and outings with friends.

You feel comfortable around each other:

Without indulging in any secret act, you now feel very much comfortable around them and you really don’t need to be something else when you are with them. Wearing no makeup, happily farting it out and wearing any kind of clothes, you don’t feel like impressing them anymore and are just comfortable being yourself.

You talk a lot about the future:

Now you too are a part of each other’s future plans and can’t think about your future without each other’s presence.Also, here’s how you can strengthen your relationship with your better half.

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