Yes, he might be certainly head over heels in love with you, but as everything has a limit, your relationship too should have a list and there should be a list of things that you should never ever say to him as they might destroy your relation with him.

That you are still friends with your ex:
Yes, agreed you might still be in touch with your ex and you might share cordial relation with him, but it’s not necessary that your current boyfriend needs to know how good you are still with your former lover. Also, he might just feel more insecure and jealous.

He is bad in bed:
Even if you feel that he isn’t great with positions, then never ever tell him about that as it will certainly affect his mojo. Instead, just show him the right directions and you guys are good to go.

That he has bad relatives and bad friends:
Chances are you might not like his relatives and the people that he hangs out with, but never tell him that as he might distance himself from you and not from his family and friends. Also, it’s a bit rude though.

Never say that you will not share your stuff with him:
You need to understand that while in a relationship sharing is caring. Hence, never get territorial about food, phone or anything and instead just learn the art of sharing and make him feel loved.

That he is a terrible boyfriend:
He would have forgot to wish you on your birthday night or he would have not purchased you an expensive dress, but that doesn’t make him a terrible boyfriend. Understand like you, boys have problem and responsibilities too and they too tend to forget. So stay calm and celebrate everything that comes your way.

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