Sex can be fun only if you know how to do it right. For some, sex is a stress buster and for a few it can turn into a stressful situation if they end up doing it the wrong way. Here’s we aren’t talking about the positions, but the things that can lead to have a bad sex experience.

Consuming spicy food: Never ever consume spicy food before having sex as it can affect the vaginal odour and its taste. It can also lead to discomfort if there are residues of spices or pepper left on your hands. Also, spicy foods make you feel more acidic and you would have to run away to the bathroom at any point of time.

Drinking too much: Drinking with your partner can be too much fun, but overdrinking can lead to a disaster as it will make you harder to reach your orgasm or you may not be able to perform well.

Don’t shave or wax: Sure shaving and waxing will make you feel sexier But it will make your skin sensitive which will increase the probability of you getting small cuts thereby increasing the risk of skin infections.

Brushing teeth: Brushing your teeth right before sex means the small cuts can increase the risk of STD and will make you feel irritated once you wash your mouth.

Taking an Antihistamine: This medicine will sure help you get rid of allergies, but it will lower your libido which make affect your sex drive and get you experience dry sex which can be indeed very painful.

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