Having acne can be of one of the scariest skin conditions to deal with. Not just this, it can also cause mental tension and cause further damage to your skin and health. So if you have acne and are trying to get rid of it, then apart from the medicines and creams you use, here are a few things that you should never do.

Don’t touch your face:

If you have acne, then the best thing that you can do is to stop touching your face as it can cause more pop outs.

Don’t pop it out:

If you think the best way to clear acne is by popping it then you’re wrong as it can lead to breakouts and can spread further.

Stop over-cleansing and over-scrubbing:

Sure cleansing and scrubbing should be a definite part of your skin care regime. But by overdoing it, if you think that your pimples will go away, then you’re just damaging your skin. Over scrubbing damages the first layer of your skin and also leaves behind scars.

Keep washing your face with water:

One of the best ways to prevent acne is by avoiding the use of cleaners and washing your face with water as many times you can.

Don’t let your hair touch your face:

If the oil from your hair will come in touch with your face that it will do more harm to it than good. So make sure that you don’t opt for hairstyles that let your hair come in touch with your face.

Keeps wipes handy:

If you are travelling and have skin breakouts, then make sure that you have wipes with you as using a face towel in such as situation isn’t advisable.

Say no to oil massage:

If you think that oil massages are good for acne skin, then we would say you better stay away from it as it can make the condition worse.

Stop letting acne rule your life:

Acne can really change you can feel yourself and if nothing than it can surely make you feel worst. But don’t let these emotions affect you and instead look for ways to get rid of it. Don’t let it rule your life.

Avoid junk food and alcohol:

To get an acne free skin, don’t binge on oily and spicy food as it can cause an oily and greasy skin and further give you more pimples. Also, quit your smoking and drinking habits, if you have any.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Make sure that you make exercise a major part of your schedule and stay hydrated all throughout the day.

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Image source: hefacialfitness.com, wonderopolis.org