If you are craving for having an enviable mane, but don’t know how to make every day a happy hair day, then here are five things that you should never do with your hair.

Over washing your hair:

Over washing the hair strips off the natural oil and makes them look dry, rough and brittle. For normal to dry hair, you should shampoo the hair twice a week and for oily hair, washing the hair thrice a week is appropriate. When you feel the hair is too greasy on days when you don’t want to wash it, then use a dry shampoo.

Using hot tools when hair is too wet:

When your hair is too wet, using hot tools such as a straightening machine or a curling tool can cause heavy damage to your hair. Also, combing the hair when it’s too wet can lead to hair breakage. You should leave wet hair alone for a while or if you want to comb them then use a wide toothed comb.

Using un cleaned hairbrush:

If you have been using your hairbrush for too long, then its time you buy a new one or wash it off as the bacteria and dead skin cells trapped in it can cause damage to your scalp and also cause breakage. Also, over-brushing the hair can lead to its breakage.

Tight hairstyles:

Tying your hair tightly can lead to its breakage as the hair gets pulled out from the roots. Also, it can cause permanent damage to your hair follicles. So always tie the hair in a loose style and avoid tight ponytails.

Using hot water to wash your hair:

Washing hair with hot water can strip off the natural oils and make them dry and brittle. So always wash the hair with lukewarm water.

So follow the above tips to have a healthy and happy hair days.

Image source: kenresearch.com, capellistyle.it