Looking ahead to oomph up the decor of your house with a mix of traditional and modern designs? Then here’s how you can do so.


Furniture pieces:

Furniture pieces have got a little experimental in this age as people love to make use of new and old furniture pieces to create a contrasting mix. Using panton chairs, shag rugs, bean bags, ottoman chair-all trends of the 90s still procuring a place in modern homes.

All white-kitchen:

In the 90s, emphasis was put more on white colour which sparked volumes of minimalism and class. Even today, an all-white kitchen is a preferred choice as it provides a clean and classy look to the space.

Ivy wall designs:

A hard hitting trend in the 90s where ivy design was curated on the tiles of a kitchen to add some colour element to the space has now become a modern day design trend. You can spot this design well incorporated in living rooms and entrance area of a house. You can read here about how to design the outdoor space of your house. 

Edison bulbs:

As lighting has always been an important element in a space, the use of Edison bulbs which were a hit in the 90s has also managed to win over the designers today. The old-fashioned hanging bulbs are mostly used to light up the kitchen of study space.

Placing antiques on exposed brick walls:

The 2017 design trend has been all about celebrating architectural elements, décor pieces and furniture-all in vintage style. The modern day design trend is highly influenced with the idea of amalgamating vintage clocks and antiques with exposed brick walls. This one trend has been catching up really fast and gives an amazing look to your space too.

These were our suggestions to help you create a home that is well-curated with traditional design trends. If you can think of such other ideas, then share your thoughts in the comments below. Here is how you can decorate your work desk.

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