Do you feel a nasty pain or discomfort in your stomach or chest and have difficulty in digestion food? Then you are suffering from indigestion which is caused due to excess of acid in the stomach.

When acid comes in contact with the sensitive and protective lining of the stomach, it can then irritate the lining and cause soreness and swelling of the stomach. However, indigestion can be accompanied with nausea and vomiting which can even lead to cancer or stomach ulcer. Hence, curing it is a must as it can lead to some serious issues in the future. Also, as consuming too much of medicines is not good for health, so here we bring you a list of five yoga asanas that promote a happy digestive system.

Symptoms of indigestion:

A knotted stomach

Pain behind the ribs

Belly pain


Acidic taste in the mouth

Growling stomach and belching and gas

Five yoga asanas that promote a happy digestive system

Spinal Twist:

Helping in getting things move in your digestive system, the spinal twist yoga asana is one of the best poses that promote a healthy digestive health.

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you and bend your right knee and place your right heel in front of your upper left thigh close to the hip. Turn your torso to the right and place your hands in the same direction. Be in this position take 10- 15 deep breaths and then release.

Child’s pose:

This pose will massage your intestinal tract and is a good one for gastric problems.

Kneel down on the floor with your arms stretched overhead. Lean forward and try to touch your forehead and palms to the floor. Be in this position for 10-15 seconds.

Locust pose:

Helping in reliveing constipation and indigestion, Locust Pose is also known as Salabhasana and Grasshopper pose.

Lie down on your stomach. Clasp your hands and join your toes and then try to lift your chest and feet off the ground. This pose will make you look like a boat.

Thunderbolt pose:

Also known as vajrasana, thunder bolt pose massages your intestine and helps better digestion. This pose stretches the thighs, ankles, knees, and feet and relives indigestion by releasing the gas.

Stand on the knees with the lower legs together and stretched backwards, the two big toes crossing each other. Lower your body and sit on your heels.


Happy baby pose:

Also known as Ananda Balasana, this yoga asana is good for bloating and gas problem

Lie on your back, exhale and bend your knees into your belly. Stay in this position and take deep breaths.

Remember don’t practice these yoga asanas after meals and do them early morning for better results.

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