Furry Friends -The Pet Grooming Salon, a very adorable hang out for pets to get pampered, groomed at & enjoy a long walk thereafter at Carter Road, Bandra!

“Some angels choose fur instead of wings….!”

A pet is the most special gift you give yourself and in turn you become its most precious as well.

The love our furry friends shower upon us is incredible, unconditional and absolutely unbelievable. For who will fill your heart with endless love until the end of time and make you believe that you are exceptional – every single day?

We welcome you to our cozy haven, Furry Friends – The Pet Grooming Salon which is a small tribute to our beautiful furry friends who have filled our lives with unimaginable love and unforgettable memories of a lifetime. Our babies who have crossed the rainbow bridge but, continue to light up our lives with amazing moments full of fun, frolic and laughter!

Furry Friends was a dream which was realized with much love and gusto. The Furry Friends Family, as we like to call ourselves came together with a single goal – topamper and spoil everyone’s fur babies in a spacious, comfortable and easily accessible location with professional expertise, latest state-of-the-art equipment andinternational products especially chosen to cater to different breeds with different requirements. A fun, cute place for our four-legged babies to get thoroughly pampered in every possible way.

We offer a myriad range of services and customize different packages to suit different requirements. Each breed of cats & dogs is unique and requires special grooming. On our fun menu are cutesy haircuts, cool hairstyling, fluffing & brushing of the fur to add volume, rejuvenating baths with special shampoos. Conditioners to soothe & soften fur, de-matting care which is extremely essential for long haired breeds, de-shedding treatments with special de-shedding shampoos, conditioners and tools which allow the fur to remain soft and tangle free allowing the natural oils of the animal to spread across the skin and moisturize naturally. Ear and oral care which maintains hygiene mostly goes ignored due to lack of time, we use super soothing products which retain healthy ears, teeth and gums.

Skin care is a very important aspect of grooming and we offer

relaxing Spa & VID (Very Important Dog) packages which consist of aromatherapy services. From calming massages with essential oils to aromatherapy baths & conditioning, drying & fluffing for fuller coat to herbal packages wherein only herbal products are used for extremely sensitive and dry skin. There is everything for every cat and dog!

The whole idea of Furry Friends is to have a one-stop cozy and cute hangout place for our extremely adorable furry friends.

Whether it’s the summer for fun summer cuts or the crazy monsoon where all the allergies and skin issues will crop up, we make sure a fun spa session leaves our furry friends all happy and relaxed to go home for a blissful nap!

Our only goal is to pass on as many positive vibes and joyful servicesas humanly possible to our four-legged babies. Loving these darlings comes naturally to pet parents and we have been extremely blessed to have had the honour of being parents to not one but four beautiful dogs & two cats. We always wanted to have a pet salon as a tribute to our little fur babies and this was naturally the best tribute we could think of!

In a short span of time, Furry Friends – The Pet Grooming Salon has become an inseparable part of our lives. An overwhelming joy ride with every furry friend which has ever walked into this little haven, it is a dream come true. We can never get enough of them, no matter how many come in or go out! It is a sheer pleasure to rub their belly, kiss their wet nose, pat their fluffy head, gaze wistfully into their stunning, innocent eyes while drying them and always see a little of our own fur babies in every one of them.

Furry Friends is tucked away in a warm, cozy corner off Carter Road in Bandra West. Our dear clients drop off their babies and grab a coffee or bite at the charming cafes nearby or take a long walk while their furry friend is pampered, groomed and loved by the Furry Friends Family.A win-win for all!

The love and satisfaction we receive from our job is immeasurable to say the least.

We really cannot get enough, even when there’s a last minute appointment call – we’re always ready to pamper our furry friends no matter what! Time does literally stop.

After all, pets are bundles of love wrapped in fur….allow us to spruce them up for you!

Furry Friends – The Pet Grooming Salon,

Dharam Jyot -3, Opposite Carter Apartments, Sherly Rajan Road, Off Carter Road, Bandra West Mumbai – 400050

Contact Number: 9930066489

Timings: 10:30 AM to 7:30PM

Monday to Sunday