Gharelu nuske or ‘dadi ma ke nuske’ as they say works wonders when you actually try using them at home. Quite literally, you might have heard your grandma say you to apply ghee on your lips instead of those expensive lip balms or use multani mitti to get rid of oily skin. But have you ever actually tried it? Earlier no skin care or hair care creams, shampoos, conditioners were available in the market and grannies used to use home remedies to look young and fresh. But how many of you actually know about it? I am sure very few of you would actually know how can you get a glowing skin or a long hair just using products from your kitchen?

So to help you out, here we bring you a list of tips which can be quite handy and less expensive

Turmeric works as a good antioxidant and helps you get a bright and fair skin.

Get rid of tanning by applying lemon and cucumber juice

Use honey as a face mask to get a glowing skin

Fenugreek for strong and long hair

An old formula for premature hair graying is consuming carrot juice every day

Consuming milk every day is one of the healthiest ways to get soft and supple skin

Apply gram flour on your skin for a sebum free skin

Tomato juice has good toning properties and can be used a toner

Regular oiling makes hair strong and long

Use slices of cucumber to get rid of puffy eyes

To remove acne scars dab cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it directly on the scar

Use multani mitti with rosewater to get rid of oily skin

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines by applying honey for 20-30 mins

Ghee acts as a natural moisturizer and should be used to get rid of dry lips

Include a lot of fresh vegetables and salads in your diet

And lastly, stay hydrated and drink at least 10 glasses of water each day

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