Have dull and thin hair? Taking supplements to make sure that you have healthy hair? If yes, then here are a few  important nutrients you should make sure that should be a major part of your diet.

Vitamin B12:

This vitamin plays an imperative role in ensuring healthy hair as they help transport the blood to hair roots. Adequate vitamin B12 levels promote hair growth and also play an important role in metabolism.  Vitamin B12 is also important for maintain healthy cells of the body.  Make sure to include food such as eggs, cheese, milk products, meat and poultry in your diet. Also, here are five best hair masques you should definitely give a try.


For having great hair, normal ferritin level in the body should be above 70. You could possibly have hair loss due to low ferritin level. And even if your hemoglobin levels are normal, then iron deficiency could be a cause of having thin and dull hair. For ensuring your iron levels are intact, you should include more of dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, cereals and chocolate in your diet.

Folic acid:

Having low folic acid content in the body can be one of the main reasons of hair fall. High level of folic acid gives you shiny, soft hair. If you can’t take folic acid supplements, then include fruits and vegetables such as avocados, strawberries, oranges and asparagus in your diet. Here are best hair oils that promote hair growth.


A mineral that is extremely important for giving you healthy skin and hair as the lack of it can make you look dull. Low zinc level gives you hair-breakage and also makes it look flaky. So include more of pumpkin, chickpeas, sweet potatoes and oysters in your diet.


Now we all know the importance of water. It’s advisable to consume at least 8 liters of water every day. Water is important because if you feel dehydrated then it can largely affect your hair and skin. So make sure you drink water every two hours and also increase your intake of coconut water and juices.

With this, also make sure you have a healthy hair regime and include a good shampoo and conditioner in your kit.

Here are a few golden rules to get fabulous hair.

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