Itching in the back can really make you feel uncomfortable and specially if that is the cause of an acne that it can certainly become more of a nightmare. It can give you discomfort and also refrain you from wearing clothes that can let you flaunt your sexy back. As oil glands are located on face, back, shoulders and buttocks, you can get acne in any part of your body. Also, here are five things you should do if you have acne on face. 

What causes back acne:

The reason for the cause of back acne is similar to that of facial acne. Too much of dead skin cells and overactive oil organs are the root cause of acne. Dead skin cells and oil get trapped in the follicle and cause a blockage which gives you pimples.

Also, back acne can be caused due to the following reasons:

Summer heat


Laser treatments

And hormonal imbalance

How can you get rid of back acne?

Sea salt remedy:

Taking a bath with Epsom salt can help you cure the inflamed skin and dry out the oily patches. It also helps you relive stress and using it can be a natural cure for back acne. It will help you clear out the unwanted body toxins and excessive oil build up. All you need to do is add sea salt to your shower water and take a bath. If not Epsom salt, then you can add unflavored oatmeals to your bath water.

Exfoliate your back:

Having pores on your back can be one of the major reasons for acne. It has all the oils and dead skin cells trapped in to it which can be a big cause of acne. So always make sure to exfoliate your back with a good body scrub. However, do not scrub your skin rigorously as the pimples can pop out and cause infection.

Use tea tree oil:

This essential oil contains antibacterial properties that can be one of the most beneficial products for treating acne. Take a cotton swab and apply the oil on acne affected areas.

Change your laundry everyday:

While you sleep at night all the bacteria from the back can get trapped in your bed sheet which can further lead to spreading of the infection. So always make sure that you change your laundry everyday. Also, do not use scented products for washing bed sheets or pillow covers as it can lead to skin irritation and can cause acne breakouts.

With this, also maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay away from oily, greasy foods and alcohol and smoking.

Here are five home-remedies to get rid of acne scars.

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