Coming out of the salon with fully waxed legs or hands is the best feeling ever, but with the consistent hair growth that takes place, you don’t really get to enjoy that fresh feeling forever. Also, who loves to see hair coming back from its roots, reminding you that it’s time you visit the salon now.  Also, adding to the agony of going to the salon is the reminder of the painful ordeal that we face.  However, with the easy hacks given below, you can make your waxing last longer. So now delay your next salon appointment with the waxing tips below.

Let your hair grow: Don’t go for waxing while you see small and very little hair creeping out of the roots. Wait for its complete growth at least 1/4th or 1/8th inch longer and then go for a waxing session as waxing hands or legs with very little hair on it might hurt your skin, lead to in growth hair, might not get pulled out well and  take longer time too.

Avoid shaving: Always remember waxing even though is a bit painful is always better than shaving.  Waxing tends to slow down the hair growth process and doesn’t give you a thick hair growth unlike shaving.  Also, you should avoid shaving in-between your waxing appointments; do it only if it’s urgent and go for a waxing session 2-3 weeks after it.

Exfoliate regularly:  Get rid of the dead skin, remove the dirt from the roots, and prevent in-growth hair by exfoliating your skin regularly.  Use a good scrub that suits your skin type or use a pumice stone, but continue the exfoliation process as you will notice the hair growth to be finer. Also, avoid using pumice stone if you have sensitive skin.

Moisturize: After your waxing session is over, make sure you moisturize your skin well using lotions or cream.  This will not only provide your skin with nourishment but also reduce the irritation and redness that you get after waxing.  Use an aloe Vera gel as its suitable to all skin types.

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