Monsoons are here. As you finally soak in the fresh air and enjoy the rainy season with cuppa tea, here we give you a few tips to take care of your hair during the season.

Keep your hair dry:

Getting wet in the rains means your hair too is all set to get wet. As rain water is acidic and dirty, it can cause too much of damage to your hair. So always make sure that you carry an umbrella or cover your hair while you are out in the rains.

Shampoo your hair twice a week:

Rain water can give you itchy scalp and also cause damage to your hair. So make sure that you wash your hair at least twice a week. Also during rains, your hair is susceptible of getting bacterial or fungal infection. So make sure to clean it with a mild shampoo every twice or thrice a week.

Oil massage:

Monsoon can cause your hair to dry. So to give your hair an instant boost of moisture, massage it with warm coconut oil or almond oil at least twice a week. Doing this helps in keeping the hair hydrated and also revitalizes them.

Don’t tie hair hardly:

Though you may want to flaunt a clean look during the rainy time. But tying your hair too hardly can cause damage to it and give you frizzy hair. So always go for loose ponytails or buns.

Avoid hair styling or using too much of conditioner:

Make sure that during the rainy season, you don’t opt for heavy chemical treatments like straightening, perming or even cystene. Also, avoid too much of conditioning.

Eat right:

During the rains, avoid eating spicy and oily food as it can affect your hair follicles and lead to damage. Instead, eat foods that are rich in protein, omega 3 and iron.

Lastly, a buy a waterproof jacket with a hoodie that prevents your hair from getting wet in the rainy season.

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