One of the traditional ways of having a healthy and beautiful skin is using rosewater and also, you would have often heard your granny saying how they ditched those creams and lotions and opted for rosewater which is became an essential part of their beauty regime. But even now after generations, rosewater is still considered as one of the best products to enhance the beauty of women all over the world.

Beneficial for your skin in many ways, let’s look how rosewater helps you keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Rosewater helps you get a smooth skin by hydrating, rejuvenating and moisturizing it.

Helping you maintain the PH balance of your skin, rosewater prevents acne, eczema and dermatitis.

Rosewater heals the skin and heals scars, cuts and wounds.

It helps in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay by revitalizing aging skin.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, rose water helps you get rid of dry and itchy skin.

It acts as a good cleaning agent and cleans the pores on your skin and helps prevent acne.

One can also use rosewater as a conditioner as it helps you revitalize your hair and also prevents dandruff and treats mild scalp inflammation.

Rosewater is mainly used after clean ups and facials as it helps close open pores due to its astringent like properties.

Night time is the best time to apply rosewater as it helps you clear all the impurities that your skin has seeped in all throughout the day.

With its fresh aroma, rose water is said to be a powerful mood enhancer, promoting health well-being and helping you get rid of anxiety and making you feel relaxed.

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