From being used in preparing sinful desserts to being used as an anytime snack, grapes are everyone’s favourite all due to its sweet taste and high nutritional value. Widely known as the ‘queen of fruits’, grapes are available in different varieties and colours like green, red, blue, purple and black. While many of these varieties are used in preparation of wine, a lot of them are consumed as fruits. But how many of you know about the benefits that this fruit can have on your health? From reducing the damage caused by free radicals to preventing diabetes, grapes are way more effective for your health. Read on to know about the below benefits of including grapes in your everyday diet.

Provides relief from constipation and indigestion

Reduces risk of kidney diseases and is effective against breast cancer

Helps cure asthma and migraine and also prevents heart attack

The high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin C boosts immune system and prevents fatigue

Improves function of the brain and prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Grapes are also beneficial for the skin and help in preventing ageing, sunburn and acne

Grapes are effective in treating damaged hair and provide volume to the hair while also fighting dandruff

Grapes prevent the development of cataracts as well as other cardio-vascular diseases and age-related problems

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