Regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder that wants to enhance the appearance of muscles or just a person that hates having a furry body, there is a likely chance that you have dabbled in the removal of your body hair at some point of your life. Regular hair removal is now quite common among men; these men claim that it makes them feel cleaner, more muscular and sexier than when they have hairy bodies.

However, there is a group of men that are of a different opinion; this group believes shaving your entire body is quite outdated. This shows that manscaping is a personal choice.

Whether you choose to keep a full jungle or shave all your fur down, as long as you adopt a suitable style- You will not be in violation of the grooming Dos. How you shave your body hair can speak volumes about who you are; if you do it the wrong way, then that girl you like might have the wrong perception of you.

To ensure that you get more dates and win more friends, here are some tips on how to shave your body hair the right way.


In regards to grooming, beards have been in the spotlight for quite some time –with some men rocking fuller facial hair and others rebel against facial hair and shaving it all. Regardless of the beard style you choose, you ought to follow the following procedure when shaving your facial hair:

  • Trim your stubble daily with one of the best beard trimmers.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize the skin underneath with a beard oil.
  • Brush your beard with a dedicated beard brush.
  • Or just shave it off and do not go against the grain on the first pass.

If you do choose to shave, make sure that your skin is stretched to prevent nicking. After the first pass, you can go against the grain to get closer while still minimizing the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs.


A unibrow is a no-no for men; it is neither masculine nor visually appealing. If you want to give your eyebrows a nice, neat look, get yourself some tweezers and pluck any stray hair from its root. The process is not very long- all you need to do is sharpen the overall shape of your eyebrows.

Ear and nose hair    

Hair sticking out of your nose or ears is gross and appalling. These hairs serve various purposes that shield you from disease-causing pathogens. However, you ought to keep these hairs out of sight- you can do this by use of an ear and nose trimmer. Alternatively, you could use nose hair scissors or even have these hairs waxed. Do not pluck nose hair out- this gives allergens or bacteria a free pass into your breathing system. Also, be very careful when shaving your nose or ear hairs so you do not bruise yourself.

Chest hair

When shaving chest hair, be sure not to go overboard. This is because most women are of the opinion that a hairy chest appears to be manly. To get this look, you ought to trim the hair and let it be a little bit longer than a half an inch. This look is not only natural but also very neat.

However, if you prefer to have a bare chest, waxing is a better option for you than shaving after every three days. Be sure that you do not have a chest stubble as it looks ridiculous.

Armpit Hair

That forest growing in your armpits provides a conducive environment for the odor-causing bacteria in your sweat to thrive. For this reason, it is important that you keep it short. Most women expect to see some hair under any man’s armpit, it is manly.

But, at the end of the day, how to shave your armpits is your choice. After every few weeks, you could trim the hair under your armpits with a trimmer or scissors. Alternatively, if you want the armpits to remain bare, then you could use a razor while taking a shower.

Just know that they will most likely be itchy afterwards so use some baby powder to soften them up.

Pubic hair

Just as men appreciate cleanly shaven privates when going down on a woman, women will equally appreciate a neatly-trimmed downtown. In fact, if your nether regions are well-groomed and clean, she will be more willing to visit these regions.

However, when shaving your pubic hair, remember that bushy is not good and bare is not manly.
When in the actual process of shaving, trim the hair first by use of scissors or a trimmer to about a quarter inch.

After this, take your clipper and run it up and down your inner thighs. Also, lightly guard up and down your scrotum. To ensure that you do not suffer from any genital shaving injuries, grabbing or catching, hold your skin taut as you shave.

If you’re brave enough and/or have the experience, you can then use a razor to get even closer. Be sure that you are making slow, small passes and you avoid super sensitive areas like your testicles.

Back and shoulder hair

When it comes to back and shoulder hairs, it would be quite a hassle to shave weekly. For this reason, you should try waxing which will ensure that you have hairless shoulders and back for a period of six weeks.

Seek the services of a professional who can trim the back hairs for you if you don’t want to shave it all and wax it carefully if you want all your back hair off. The only alternative option is that you use a body shaver with a long handle, but keep in mind that it still requires some expertise with the product to do the job properly.

Butt hair

When getting your back waxed, ask for a butt job as well. All the hairs on your behind have to go; and shaving it off yourself is not a feasible option. Make it a monthly or bimonthly trend to visit a reputable waxing parlor so that you can remain consistently spotless.

Manscaping is definitely a process that takes time, energy, and money but if you want to look the best that you can, you will make strides to make it happen. Creating a consistent schedule is the best way to achieve this because you will make a habit of doing each task at the right time.