Planning to chop off those long tresses due to summer? Then we say, don’t as you can make the best use of these summer hair care tips to get naturally beautiful hair.

Cover up:
Always use a scarf to cover your hair as it protects it and also retains moisture. You can also style your hair with a hat as it also protects your hair from the wind and also prevents tangling.

Tie your hair loosely:
It would be better if you keep your hair open as styling it tightly can pull them out and cause tangling too. Tight hairstyle can be damaging and can pull your hair. So instead, always tie it in a messy braid style as it will protect your hair and will retain the moisture.

Wash your hair less often:
Frequent hair washing causes excess oil production and in turn would make you want to wash it more. Use a natural dry shampoo instead.

Condition it:
Protect your frizzy hair using a good conditioner that is suitable to use with your shampoo. Try a natural deep conditioning treatment to add that extra moisture to the hair.

Try hot oil treatment:

Use coconut, olive and avocado oil and apply it from ends to roots.

Instead of using a wide-toothed comb, use a brush instead as they are gentle on the hair and prevent it from tangling.

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