The pain of waxing vs the calmness of shaving, both are incomparable as both the process have their own share of benefits. But considering the several myths related to shaving, here we debunk the well-known shaving myths for you.

You should not shave too often:

Being one of the most convenient and effective ways of hair removal, you can shave as often as you want. It is certainly one of the quickest ways of hair removal and also saves your time too. Also, if you think that shaving causes burns, nicks and cuts then you are absolutely wrong.

Shaving often is bad for your skin:

Now whoever believes that shaving is bad for the skin should know that it helps you get rid of dead cells and also exfoliates the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, giving you a younger looking skin.

Shaving gives you thicker, coarser and darker hair:

If you think razor gives you darker hair, then you are completely wrong as your hair will always retain its natural colour. While shaving, you might feel that the hair is thick because you chop it off from the skin surface and not from the roots.

Shaving gives you fast hair growth:

Now this is completely untrue as hair growth is not determined by the razor but by your genetics. Since you only remove the hair from the surface and not the roots, the hair growth is not dependant on your razor.

You don’t need to hydrate your skin before shaving:

Shaving on dry skin increases the chances of skin irritation, cuts and burns. So always hydrate your skin well before shaving as wet skin allows the skin to glide smoothly.