The days of artificial rough chemical hair dyes are long gone now. The inevitable gray hair can be encountered with some natural goodies which are beneficial, refreshing and perpetual in nature. Both men and women are equally fond of colored hair. Colored hair gives a complete fashionable look even if no special accessory or make over has been done. Let us know about some natural ingredients that can give a shinier and glossier look without causing any potential damage.

Henna: Henna has been used as a natural coloring agent since ages. Even the Europeans, Arabs, Africans and Egyptians are using henna dye in a common parlance. The potent hair dye brings extra gloss to the hair along with fortifying them dramatically. The resultant color after applying henna is burgundy. The conditioner present in henna makes hair more manageable and voluminous. You can add some eggs in your henna for naturally conditioning your hair along with coloring them.

Coffee: A strongly brewed cup of coffee can darken your hair when left for a substantial amount of time. You can also choose to mix up the coffee granules with some conditioner and blend it well. Wrap the conditioner mixture for 15-30 minutes on your hair and rinse it thoroughly.

Tea: Surprisingly, tea bags have the capacity to miraculously color up your hair.  A strongly brewed tea bag can leave a dark brown hue in your hair. Chamomile tea is the best for receiving that exact blond look.  Just 10-15minutes of hard work can give you softer and better quality colored hair.

Carrot and beetroot: If you naturally want those red tints then nothing can be better than applying the mixture of beetroot and red carrots. No matter whether you choose to apply them one after another or simply use the mixture of two, in any case the process remains the same. After one hour of mixture application, wash your hair well with some mild shampoo and pat dry them.

Marigold flowers: Boil marigold flowers in some water and reduce it to half. This mixture can be used as a substitute for the highlighter. Do not leave marigold for too long as it may leave a yellowish tinge to your hair.

Walnut shells: Crush some walnut shells and boil them for almost one hour. Cool and strain the mixture. Use a cotton ball or a brush to apply the mixture. Make sure you wear some rough clothes which does not pinch you on getting stained.  If you want darker highlights then simmer the juice further. Allow out to refrigerate for few hours and strain if needed. Pour directly over the hair.

Do not forget to wash your hair after applying natural hair dyes. Try to avoid chemicals as much as possible. Even if you are desperate to change the color of your hair, try to say “no” to the chemical colors.

If you have any tips for adding some natural tinge to hair then please share it with us by commenting in the comment section below.

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