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Best Things to Do in Prague at Night [2022]

Prague is a city that consistently tops almost all guides to Europe as a destination that is popular for its lively nightlife among other attractions. The iconic capital features countless landmarks, museums, street markets and places that are always busy and lively no matter what time of the day you plan to pay them a visit. This bustling destination offers a variety of sundown pursuits that you can chase around like a walk on the Charles Bridge or pub-crawling through downtown that caters to all ages and interests. Whether you are looking for a later dinner under the stars or an opportunity to dance the night away in a speakeasy, there’s much to enjoy on a night out in Prague.

Explore Prague’s Old Town District

Before you bound yourself in a bar or a cosy restaurant till the sun comes up, there’s no better way to enjoy the scene outside than a visit to the Old Town. The medieval cityscape lights up as the halo of street lights shines on the intricate architecture and cobblestone streets. If you can make a detour, watch the Astronomical clock in all its glory shining brightly from afar. Feeling adventurous? Book a guided tour of the underground tunnels to uncover the secrets and fascinating history of Prague’s Romanesque-Gothic cellars.

Stumble Into A Black Light Performance

Surround yourself with the night crowd as you watch a sensory drama filled with theatrical performances where both the stage and actors are dressed in black. The origin of this art can be traced back to the 50s and you can book an hour-long (or more) show to enjoy this unique experience in Prague. Most shows start around evening or night so you can plan this experience around your dinner or after to relax before calling it a day.

Head To The Hemingway Bar

If you have explored the beer scene in Prague and you are looking to taste something a bit stronger for your nightcap, the Hemingway Bar offers an extraordinary collection of the best absinthe in the Czech Republic. The name is an obvious hint toward the fact that this establishment was inspired by Ernest Hemingway and you can order different kinds of rum and even enjoy some glasses of Champagne.

Photograph the Prague Castle

What could be more magical than a walk around Prague Castle which after sundown seems like a film set shrouded in mystery? Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, the tours are often recommended as one of the best things to do in Prague at night. The best way to learn about the history of this place is to hop on a night-guided tour where experts will walk you through this majestic landmark and you can capture some stunning images of this towering castle illuminated under the dark sky.

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