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Everything you need to know about Metaverse

Tech guys are probably the most ambitious group of people ever. Why? Take Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as an example, who has just revealed his current project is to bring the metaverse to life. If you have never heard of the term “metaverse”, Postmanpage is here to give you the most comprehensive introduction to this life-changing big idea.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is; in fact, quite hard to explain since it is not a real thing, at least for now.

Back in 1992, when the term first originated in a book called Snow Crash, the author Neal Stephenson outlined a world that has connected 3 continents solely with the use of transatlantic cables. In that story, Stephenson called the world “metaverse” and people living inside the “avatars”, although these terms were quite ahead of time back then, they have set a blueprint for the future generation to follow.

Moreover, in general, Metaverse refers to an immersive digital environment where people can socialize, play and works as avatars. With the use of the latest technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, people are allowed to move between the different devices and communicate with each other in a 3D real-time virtual environment, exactly like living in a sci-fi movie.

What are the Core Technologies of the Metaverse?

The promise of the metaverse today focuses on decentralization and unversatility. It invites us to imagine a world where we can control our digital experiences and access them in a more flexible environment. As the new internet, the metaverse is still in the early stages of evolution, with the latest new technologies enhancing the environment all the time. The three most common forms of technology associated with the metaverse are AI, XR and Blockchain.


No longer just a concept associated with cryptocurrency and bitcoin, the blockchain is a critical component of decentralization.

In the metaverse, blockchain promises a way to give users more control over their online web experience, taking us away from Web 2.0 and into Web 3.0, where larger organizations like Amazon and Google don’t have as much control over what we do and see over the web. Blockchain is already making waves in the metaverse with things like non-fungible tokens as a way of investing in and supporting artists, decentralized finance and smart contracts.

Artificial Intelligence:

Improving the link between the digital world and the physical world requires several intelligence from machines. AI is essential for a number of metaverse experiences. It can help with the NLP (Natural Language Processing) to make sure our robotics and machines can understand us.

AI also supports things like simultaneous location, computer vision and mapping technologies, which help machines to understand our physical surroundings.

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