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Perfect Palettes to Light Up Your Summer Makeup

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

It’s that time of the year when it’s sunny and bright outside, flowers are abloom and colours seem a lot more pleasant to the eyes than otherwise–it’s called the ‘dopamine’ season for good reason. To make this mood-boosting season even more colourful, Holi arrives right on time to add to our cheers.

So, here are the Perfect Palettes to Light Up Your Summer Makeup:


A refreshing splash of aquamarine, navy, teal and turquoise will instantly refresh your mood. Think and play with graphic eyeliners, smoky blue eyes, and bold blue nail colours. If you’re feeling bold, streak your hair with stunning blues.


What is more beautiful and soothing than a morning sun colour to brighten up your day? This tangy orange colour blazes and pleases the eye and will instantly highlight you, make you stand and shine bright. Imagine carrying warm and rusty eyeshadows that are paired with beautiful coral blushes and lip colours with a shade of lip balm.


A colour of sunflower, bumblebee, and beechy goodness. A shiny yellow is all about positiveness, waves of hope, and energy. Yellow-coloured eyeliners and waterline kajals are becoming a trendy statement these days, whereas sunshine hued nail paints are forever the mood boosters.


The colour of mint, a perfect soothing colour to sport in hot summers, is a must to be in your palette this season. A tropical eye shadow palette, wavy green eyeliner, or metallic shimmer eyeshadow. Minty green nails are also a great choice to welcome the summer.


Who doesn’t like to experiment with pink? From pink shimmer and rose highlighters to blushes, eyeshadows, neon eyeliners, and lipstick. Pink is a super versatile colour and lends itself to several stunning summer looks. You can pick one feature to make yourself the showstopper of the day. Go trendy with different shades of pink.


Very-Peri is the colour of the year, which is vivid, bold, stunning and experimental with a lot of features. You will also fall in love with periwinkle like us. Make your eyes, lips, and cheeks tint.

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