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Top 5 effective Tan Removing Formula

The bright Indian sun hits everyone in a differentiated way. Raise your hand if you are facing certain issues, a darker forehead and tan around your eyes, every time you remove your mask. The season of sun damage and hyperpigmentation is running hard to provide you and your skin with severe damage. Get set ready with your full armor to combat these devastating burns.

1. Tomato Goodness

When you say de-tanning, tomato is the first thing to fetch from the kitchen. Tomatoes have the richness of healthy acids that break down the layers of tan off your face and help you get a beautiful radiance. All you need is fresh tomato pulp to be applied to your face prior to the shower on the tanned areas.

2. Wonder Papaya

Papayas are truly superheroes of the skin. With their sweet taste, antioxidant properties, hydrating elements, and fresh fragrance, papayas combat sun tan too. An enzyme specific to the fruit called papain has to brighten properties that permit your skin to get back to your original and glowing complexion. Scrub with a papaya base will give you a nice sheet mask.

3. Turmeric Magic

Haldi or turmeric is the most frequently used Ayurvedic healing ingredient. When it comes to suntans and burns, turmeric is the best ingredient to choose from. Take some turmeric and mix it with yogurt and use it as a cooling pack to retain your original complexion. The best part about turmeric is that it can reduce hyperpigmentation as well.

4. Lemon & Honey

Sweet goodness of lemon and honey after a long day in the sun. This quick and easy cure for tan will help you soothe your skin and get back your skin glow. Combine both of the ingredients in a bowl to form a thin paste and massage it on the affected areas. After that, you can take a shower!

5. Aloe Vera

Is your skin burning red? Your skin’s coolest friend is aloe vera. The soothing feature of aloe vera will help heal your broken and burnt skin. It suits all skin types in all weather conditions too. Aloe vera is great for those who get acne breakouts due to excess heat. Include some to your hair.

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