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What Does Whitehead Mean? Why Do They Occur?

An annoying part of beauty, whiteheads are just as irritating as their counterpart's breakouts. Many of us never bother to know the reason for whiteheads occurrence. It’s finally the time to put a stop to all our whitehead pop-ups.


Whiteheads are a mild form of acne that visualizes as small white bumps on the skin’s surface. When a pore on the skin gets clogged by sebum, dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria, it forms around a white bump. Since the tip of the bump remains white and hence is named a whitehead.


The key to effective treatment for whiteheads is to first find out the reason behind their occurrence. While a whitehead may seem like it surfaced overnight, its formation can take up to two months. Since these heads on the infected pore indicate that your skin is trying to push out bacteria. Here we have mentioned the reason why whiteheads pop out.

1. Puberty

When hormonal changes cause a rise in the production of sebum, whiteheads are formed. The brain releases GnRH hormone, which conveys to oil glands to produce more oil. As excess sebum fills the pores, the skin is unable to expel dead skin cells and bacteria, resulting in blocked follicles.

2. Genetics

In case parents have suffered the problem of acne in their history, they are likely to have children with the same skin condition. Genetics can impact your inflammatory response; some may respond to bacteria with a stronger inflammatory reaction, which could affect the complexity of acne.

3. Stress

The higher the stress, the greater the chances of whitehead formation. Glands that produce sebum are sense organs for stress hormones. In a stressful situation, these oil-producing cells become irregular, which results in excess sebum production. Pore blockage can lead to breakouts.

4. Hormonal Changes

Many women find that the situation of whiteheads gets worse during their menstrual cycle. As the number of estrogen decreases and progesterone levels increase, the glands produce more oil. Other hormonal causes of whiteheads include pregnancy, menopause, or birth control pills.

5. Lifestyle Habits

While diet is not an immediate cause, various studies have observed a link between certain foods and the prevalence of whiteheads. We found some evidence that unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or irregular sleep patterns can intensify existing breakouts.

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